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Stena Metall Group functions

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Contact information for different Group functions at Stena Metall

Måns Palmgren, Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Stena Metall

Måns Palmgren

Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance
Christoffer Holmström, Group Compliance Officer, Safety and Security, Stena Metall

Christoffer Holmström

Group Compliance Officer, Safety and Security

William Lindh

Chief Information Officer
Anna Sundell, Sustainability Manager, Stena Metall

Anna Sundell

Head of Sustainability & Communications, Stena Metall Group
Fredrik Overgaard, Research & Development Director, Stena Recycling

Fredrik Overgaard

Research & Development Director
Mats Torring, Business Development, Stena Metall

Mats Torring

Business Development
Martin Fast, Real Estate Manager, Stena Metall

Martin Fast

Real Estate Manager
Kim Forssblad, Insurance Manager, Stena Metall

Kim Forssblad

Insurance Manager