Sometimes things go wrong, even though we try our very best to avoid it. Everyone makes mistakes. If a personal data breach occurs, it is important that you know how to react as an employee.

Stena Metall AB is required to report certain personal data breaches to the supervisory authority within 72 hours of them being detected. Therefore, it is important that all potential incidents are reported immediately via the form below. It is also important that you, as an employee, do not try to evaluate breaches yourself. The Group Privacy Officer needs to evaluate the severity of any personal data breaches and report them to the supervisory authority where necessary.

If you need help completing the reporting form, contact the Privacy Officer or, if this is not possible, your immediate supervisor.  

Do you know how many individuals have been affected by the breach*
Do you know what kind of personal data may have been affected?
Did the breach occur through contact with external parties?

By registering on any Stena Metall Group digital channels, you are giving consent to your personal data being processed as described here.

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