With great flexibility and capacity, Stena Components produces advanced, customized steel components with high precision - ready for manufacturing.

Knowledge and products for industry needs

Customers from a variety of industries turn to Stena Components for flame-cut and CNC-processed products. These components, produced at our facilities in Nybro, are used in everything from manufacturing equipment for the automotive industry to components for heavy vehicles and heat exchangers.

The geographic proximity to many of our customers, gives us the opportunity to be involved in how parts of their products are designed in order to achieve the most optimal and efficient production.

Regardless of what degree of refinement you as a customer order, Stena Components production ensures a high level of safety and quality and products of high quality.

The industry for industrial components is in transition and some Swedish companies choose to move their production back home. This is due to the increased production cost in a number of low-wage countries in combination with the industry's increasing demands for flexible production and shorter lead times. At Stena Components, we can meet customer requirements thanks to high engineering expertise and our great experience of cutting and processing metals. This makes it possible to quickly adjust our production of steel components to match changing needs.


Head of Business Area

Jan Fjeldså
Managing Director Stena Components
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