Electronics recycling

Electronics scrap recycling.

By recycling and reusing electronics Stena Technoworld is driving towards the development of a wise resource management from its 16 European plants.

one of Europe's leading electronics recycler

Stena Technoworld is one of Europe's leading recyclers of electronics. We also extract raw materials from a large number of cooling appliances. Operations are conducted at 16 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany and Italy. In addition, we collect end-of-life electronics and fridges and freezers in several other countries, including Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and France.

All environmentally harmful substances are safely removed before recycling a wide range of raw materials - including precious metals, iron, aluminium and plastics - which can be manufactured into new products around the world.

We also take care of parts that can be reused. We dismantle and test computer monitors before delivering functioning screens directly to manufacturers for use in new products. Reuse increases the value of the customer's materials further and is also part of the development of the circular economy.

A major part of our operations are conducted at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, western Sweden. As this is one of Europe's most modern recycling facility, we are well equipped to meet demands for increased recycling rates from both authorities and customers.



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