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The world is developing and consuming products at an ever-increasing pace. This makes the development of recycling processes more important than ever.

Research for a sustainable society

With our partners, our focus is on exploring how we can become better at taking care of all the materials in circulation. We see value in all materials and discarded products - everything from cars to mobile phones. By constantly developing new, smarter solutions we are aiming to create sustainable resource management that combines profitability with clear environmental benefits.

Everyone benefits from research that leads to the more efficient recycling of more materials. Not only is it more cost-effective to use recycled materials, it consumes less energy than producing new raw material. As well as this, it contributes to the creation of a circular economy and a sustainable society that conserves the earth's limited resources.

Every day, the volume of material we recycle is equivalent to the weight of two Eiffel Towers. But we are far from satisfied. Through a variety of research projects, we continue to take small but significant steps towards more intelligent resource management. Research helps us fulfill our ambition to create the most value for our partners and the environment.

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Fredrik Overgaard
Director Research & Development

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