Stena Nordic Recycling Center

A game-changer in the recycling business

At Stena Nordic Recycling we take care of the most difficult to recycle materials and do it in more efficient ways than ever before. Resources that were previously lost can now be used to manufacture new products, or provide energy sources for industry. Thanks to the large quantities of raw material that we return into circulation, this facility makes a vital contribution to the circular economy and a more sustainable society. Recycling also helps to save large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

Complex products from both households and industries are fed into the plant at a steady pace. These products include computers, phones, tv:s, cars and trucks. The common factor is that they all contain a wide range of materials, representing a major challenge for recyclers.

The materials are treated in a series of technologically advanced processes. They occur at high speed with the greatest possible accuracy. What comes from our mills, magnets, sieves and sensors is a wide range of raw materials that are delivered back to industry, both in Sweden and the rest of the world.

This makes the Stena Nordic Recycling Center a game changer in recycling.



Reducing waste

Recycling cars and other complex products always results in leftover waste that must be deposited on landfill sites. Processing at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center reduces the amount of waste sent for landfill by half compared with previously used methods.


The perfect location

Locating the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad did not happen by chance. Access to efficient road and rail networks, as well as the port, provides optimal conditions for the transportation of materials to and from the site. Concentrating processes at one location also reduces CO2 emissions.



Collaborating with customers, universities, suppliers and other partners leads to the continuous development of new technology. Our goal at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center is to extract more useful resources and create sustainable value for our customers and society as a whole.



Stena Recycling Lab is dedicated to expanding expertise, testing new recycling technology and developing new productss. It is located at the heart of Stena Nordic Recycling Center and offers physical testing facilities to entrepreneurs, researchers and students. Our goal is to stimulate and accelerate the innovation and development of new technology, products and services.



process meeting the new recycling challenges

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Some FActs

  • At 433,000 square meters, the site is as large as 80 soccer pitches.
  • The largest production hall is 300 meters long.
  • The recycling processes use proven technology combined with new innovation.
  • Our new process for precious metal recycling from electronics will be the largest operation of its kind in Europe. It uses proven technology combined with advanced sensor technology.
  • Proximity to a seaport, access to the rail network and its central location in Scandinavia, make Halmstad an excellent location for our industrial recycling hub which can serve the whole of northern Europe.


The Stena Nordic Recycling Center is the Group's largest ever investment.