Stena Nordic Recycling Center


Stena Nordic Recycling Center is the Stena Metall Group's industrial recycling hub in Halmstad. Which is where we take care of the materials which are most difficult to recycle and we do it in more efficient ways than ever before. Our knowledge center and testing arena – Stena Recycling Lab is also located here.

The Stena Nordic Recycling Center was inaugurated in October 2016. Today it is Europe's most modern recycling facility with several automated processes gathered at one site. This offers an efficient service with the capacity to recycle more material from industry, households and other parts of society than ever before.

Thanks to the large quantities of raw material that we return into circulation, this facility makes a vital contribution to the circular economy and a more sustainable society. Recycling also helps to save large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

Stena Nordic Recycling Center is also the home of Stena Recycling Lab which is dedicated to expanding expertise, testing new recycling technology and developing new products. It offers physical testing facilities to entrepreneurs, researchers and students. Our goal is to stimulate and accelerate the innovation and development of new technology, products and services.


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