Our Code of Conduct

Two employees talking with safety gear on.

Our way of doing business, treating everyone with respect, while safeguarding human rights and the environment has contributed to our leading position.

Clear guidelines for day-to-day work

The Stena Metall Group drives development throughout the business areas and geographic markets in which we operate. It is not only because we are at the forefront of modern, efficient recycling technology that we have achieved this position. A large part of our business success is due to the way we act according to our business principles and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This is expressed in our Code of Conduct.

Dan Sten Olsson, owner of the Stena Metall Group, says: "Every day, our customers, employees, suppliers, financiers, and other stakeholders, as well as society as a whole, expects us to fulfill our promises and the expectations we have directly or indirectly given them. The world invests in us because we are investing in it. In the end, we live in a partnership whose productivity is determined by the trust we earn."

The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for how we relate to customers and other partners, employees and the environment. It also determines our policies on human rights and corporate responsibility.

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Jessika Lind Petrén
Sustainability and Public Affairs
Tel: +46 104452022
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Stena Metall Group Code of Conduct