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Two Stena Metall Group employees - one male and one female - in hi-vis protective clothing

Work at Stena Metall - what is your passion?

With a career at Stena Metall, you can put your potential and passion to good use and be part of a better future. A more sustainable tomorrow that is filled with new possibilities and exciting opportunities. Based on smart, customized solutions, a strong focus on innovation, collaborations, and partnerships, we create value that benefits everyone – customers, their customers, the environment, and society at large. We believe everyone can play a part in creating a more sustainable tomorrow. You just have to know where to start. Your career at Stena Metall starts here!

A close-up of a smiling female Stena Metall Group employee standing in an office environment.

Be part of creating a more sustainable tomorrow

At Stena Metall we work to achieve more efficient and smarter use of resources. Our focus is on exploring how we can become better at taking care of all the materials in circulation.

We see value in all materials and discarded products, everything from cars to mobile phones. By constantly developing smarter solutions within recycling, waste treatment and reuse, we contribute to the circular economy and a sustainable society that conserves the Earth's limited resources. We have eight business areas and conduct operations in nine countries. Explore our world and discover how you can take part in the creation of a more sustainable future.

A group of three Stena Metall Group employees talk at Stena Nordic Recycling Center, Halmstad, Sweden.

A better future starts here

At Stena Metall, we want to help create a better future. One filled with exciting opportunities and new possibilities. Is this a world you want to be a part of? If so, your future starts here!