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Turning waste to valuable resources

The water from slops and other oily waste is treated in water treatment plants. After treatment and filtering Stena Oil can guarantee oil free water. Before the cleaned water is discharged to the recipient, extensive tests are done to ensure that local environmental standards are met. The oil that is extracted from the waste water will be used for production of an alternative fuel - turning waste into a valuable resource.

MD Jonas Persson onboard Stena Oils new ship, vingaren.

Innovative solutions that reduce operating costs

Stena Oil always aims to develop new solutions that simplify customers' day-to-day tasks and reduce their operating costs. The company's response to marine fuel sulfur regulations, which found shipping companies facing the choice of investing in onboard flue gas cleaning or using more expensive gasoil, was to introduce its own ECA oil – a competitively priced product that meets environmental requirements.

A female Stena Oil employee helps to take care of an oi spill at sea.

Oil spill response actions

Stena Oil has signed an agreement with the European Union to handle oil spills in Nordic waters. This agreement, made with European Maritime Safety Agency, has meant that MT Norden, one of Stena Oil's five bunker ships, has been equipped to be able to quickly respond and take care of oil spills at sea.

M/T Vingaren, Stena Oil's bunkering tanker carrying a cargo in Northern Europe
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