Sales of raw materials

Stena Metal International sells the Group’s recycled - in many cases customized - raw materials for international industrial clients.

Customized raw materials for global industry

Stena Metal International Stena handles Stena Recyling's recycled volumes and ensures that the Group's customers have access to recycled and customized materials for their production at all times.

Based in Göteborg, in western Sweden, we sell to steel- , and metal works, paper mills and plastics industries around the world.

We have close contact and dialogue with our customers, which gives us a good understanding their businesses. This way, we can offer perfectly timed deliveries of the right quantity of high-quality raw materials in order to optimize our customers’ production

Working closely with customers also means that we can keep them updated on, for example, market trends, as well as current and future legislation. This allows customers to stay one step ahead and alter their production in order to remain competitive.


Head of Business Area

Thomas Andersson
Managing Director Stena Metal International
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