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Two people paddling a canoe in the swedish archipelago in Göteborg, Sweden

Caring for resources

Where others might see the end, we see the beginning of something new. At Stena Metall we work in close collaboration with our customers and partners to achieve more efficient and smarter use of resources. Thereby our products and services actively contribute to the development of the circular economy.

This is Stena Metall

Our eight business areas operate at around 220 locations across nine countries. With a strong focus on innovation, our 4,400 employees work closely together with partners and customers to meet future challenges with new, smart, and customized solutions for a more sustainable society.

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Join us in creating a better future. We have a strong focus on innovation, constantly looking for smarter and more efficient solutions that contribute to the circular economy and a more sustainable society. Here you can put your potential and passion to good use. Your career at Stena Metall starts here!

Oskar Rundberg, operator at Stena Aluiminium’s smelter, dressed in hi-vis protective gear, standing in the facility where aluminium ingots are stored.

Meet Oskar

As an operator at Stena Aluminium's smelter, Oskar Rundberg has a key role when aluminium scrap is turned into new raw materials.
A man sitting in a chair in a field with studio lights.

Do you have what IT takes?

We make a difference. We work with IT and help build a sustainable future. Are you ready to join us?
Male Stena Metall employee in hi-vis protective gear and helmet is standing in a facility, smiling and looking into the camera.

Among the top three best workplaces

For the fourth year in a row, we are among the top 3 best workplaces in construction, manufacturing and industry.
A male Stena Stål employee in hi-vis protective gear, standing beside steel beams, with a measurement device in one hand.

Meet Christoffer

Christoffer Muhl Pollari has built a new business where steel beams from demolition projects can be reused in new constructions.
A female Stena Recycling employee in hi-vis protective gear, raising her left hand. In the background, yellow, blue and white machinery is visible.

Meet Carina

Carina Petersson manages the new Battery Recycling Center in Sweden. It is one of the first industrial scale facilities in Europe. Every year batteries from 30,000 vehicles will be recycled.
Close-up of a male Stena Recycling employee in hi-vis protective gear, standing in front of a piles with packaged paper waste

Meet Nicklas

Nicklas Johansson manages one of Stena Recycling’s facilities in Finland. They turn waste into valuable resources for the industries to use in the production of new products, instead of using raw material.
A female Stena Recycling employee in hi-vis protective gear, standing in front of a pile with metal scrap, holding a piece from a washing machine.

Meet Emmi

Emmi Karell works as a key account manager at Stena Recycling in Finland. Her passion is to help companies implement a circular approach to their business.
Woman in yellow

A caring company culture

Our culture is guided by the values and convictions of the Olsson family. We act long-term. We believe it is important to show care for each other, for our customers, for resources, and for society.
A group of three Stena Metall Group employees talk at Stena Nordic Recycling Center, Halmstad, Sweden.


What is your passion? Working with us, you become part of an exciting group with many different work areas and possibilities to develop in any direction you want. Explore our latest vacancies.

Creating long-lasting value

Everything we use, produce, and consume depends on resources, and they are finite. By using resources more efficiently, and thereby reducing climate impact, our services and products help in creating a sustainable society where nothing goes to waste.

Caring for resources

A leading recycling facility

Re-creating the future


To us, sustainability is about caring for resources and leading the transition towards the circular economy. It is also about implementing a sustainable perspective in all parts of our operations, striving for positive impact both for people, the planet, and in the way we do business.


Our sustainability ambitions

We drive sustainable development, both together with our customers and internally. All companies within the Stena Metall Group share a common set of sustainability ambitions. Three areas define and guide our sustainability work: care for the environment, care for people, and care for sustainable business.
Röda orm

Contributing to a sustainable society

Each year, we recycle and refine six million tons of waste and end-of-life products, and our customers are supplied with many essential raw materials, aluminium alloys, steel products and marine fuels. Our products and services create value that benefits everyone – customers, their customers, the environment, and society at large.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals identify 17 key areas where businesses need to work for change if we want to achieve a sustainable society in the long run. At Stena Metall, we have identified 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are more closely related to our operations and business context.

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