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Stena Metall press contacts

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Press contacts for Stena Metall Group

Jesper Waltersson, Head of Corporate Communications Stena Metall

Jesper Waltersson

Senior Manager, Communications
Marie Vassiliadis, External Communications Manager

Marie Vassiliadis

External Communications Manager

Press contacts for companies within Trade & Industry

Erik Petré

Head of Sales and Purchasing

Hans Svensson

Head of Marketing

Olivia Falklind

Market Communication

Gustaf Bergkvist

Sales & Marketing Manager

Press contacts for companies within Stena Recycling

Åsa Ahlgren Berndtson

Head of Communications

Aleksandra Surdykowska

PR & Marketing Manager

Heidi Viben

Head of Marketing & Communication

Ilona Ruskoaho

Head of Communications and Marketing

Mathilde Jansson

Head of Communications & Marketing