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Dark green rating by Cicero

A second opinion on the green bond framework was provided by the rating-institute Cicero when the green bond 2022 – 2027 was issued. Just like Stena Metall's first green bond, the second one was given a dark green grade by Cicero. Extract of the summary:

“Based on the project category shadings detailed below, and consideration of environmental ambitions and governance structure reflected in Stena Metall's green bond framework, we rate the framework CICERO dark green./…/ Stena Metall plays an important role in improving the carbon footprint of industries through its business model of supplying these with recycled raw materials /…/ The company has a clear sustainability profile and forward-looking ambitions.”

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Recycled copper granulates

Listed as best-practice in the waste and circular service category

In its 2022 report regarding the global green bond market, analysis institute Cicero listed Stena Metall Group's green bond 2022 – 2027 among its best practice examples. Stena Metall Group is acknowledged for its solutions related to efficient resource management and circularity.

Two Stena Metall Group employees in hard hats and hi-vis gear inspect a pile of recycled material.

GREEN BOND 2018 – 2023

The Stena Metall Group issued its first green bond on May 23, 2018. The amount was SEK 800 million, with a term of five years. The net proceeds for this bond have been exclusively used for investments at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, one of Europe's most advanced and efficient recycling facilities. Stena Metall's first Green Bond framework for the 2018- 2023 bond states that the sole use of proceeds for this bond is to finance and refinance expenditure and future investments at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center.

At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center the materials that are most difficult to recycle are taken care of, more efficiently than ever before. Resources that were previously lost can now be used to manufacture new products, or to provide energy for the industry. Thanks to the large quantities of raw materials that are returned into circulation, this facility makes a vital contribution to the circular economy and a more sustainable society. Recycling also helps to reduce large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. This innovative plant takes recycling all the way from end-of-life products to high quality recycled raw materials making Stena Nordic Recycling Center a game changer in recycling. At the same time it plays an important role in the circular economy. Stena Nordic Recycling Center has also established itself as a meeting spot for collaboration projects of different kinds, which is called Stena Recycling Lab. Ongoing projects at Stena Nordic Recyling Center include the building of a new aluminium processing facility at SNRC to better meet the high demand for recycled aluminium from the industry, and to invest in a completely new recycling process for batteries following the growth in sales of electric vehicles.

Green Bond 2018 - 2023 Framework


Prospectus bond loan 2018-2023

Securities note

Registration document

Dark green rating by cicero

A second opinion on the green bond framework was provided by Cicero when the green bond 2018 – 2023 was issued. Extract of the summary:

“Stena Metall's green bond framework provides a clear and sound framework for climate-friendly investments. The framework lists eligible categories of ‘Green Projects’, such as pollution prevention and control connected to waste recycling activities at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center (SNRC) in Halmstad, Sweden. /…/ These activities clearly promote a transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient growth and are an essential part of the green transition. /…/ CICERO found that the framework was aligned with the Green Bond Principles. Based on the overall assessment of the project types that will be financed by the green bond and governance and transparency considerations, Stena Metall's green bond framework is rated CICERO dark green.”

Read the full cicero second opinion

A Stena Metall Group employee wearing hi-vis gear and a hard hat checks a tablet while working at a Stena facility.
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