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The sun sets over a Stena Metall Group facility featuring a large Stena logo.
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The values of Stena Metall

A small tent pitched on the Swedish west coast is illuminated as darkness falls.


We stay close to our customers without pretense or bureaucracy so we can ensure our services closely meet their needs and support them in accelerating solutions with positive environmental and economic impact.

Two climbers scale a rock face – one holds the other in mid-air by the hand.


We are a reliable partner that, based on our dependable knowledge and expertise, builds long-term partnerships, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and win-win solutions with our customers and other partners.

Two people paddle in a canoe on a Swedish lake as the sun shines.


We proactively create new value by adapting our business and ourselves to meet the new demands of customers and society. With our product-, and service offerings for resource efficiency, circularity, and CO2 reduction, we support our customers' ability to become sustainable.

When we have to dig deep

Our values are our touchstone as we run and develop our business. They challenge each of us to be the kind of person we would want to work with. They let us know what we can expect of each other, and what it is our role to contribute.

As the Group spans across hundreds of locations in many different countries, our values help us move in the same direction. We know they are not always easy to live up to. Sometimes we have to dig deep. But they enable us to share a culture we are proud of. They offer a chance to be a little bigger than the problems we are working on solving. So that together we are the kind of supplier our customers need us to be. So that we make the difference our customers, and the world around us, need us to make.

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