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A close-up of a hand holding a piece of waste electronics.
Research & Development

Research for the future

An aerial shot of Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden.

The future of recycling

Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden, is a game changer and one of Europe's leading recycling facilities.

Here, we have innovative processes in place to reuse and recycle even the most complex products – safely, efficiently and on an industrial level.

We believe in the power of collaboration

Collaboration is required to manage the transition to a circular economy and more efficient use of resources. Together, we can be innovative, thinking circular from the start, and designing processes and value chains in completely new ways. In collaboration with the broader business community, universities and other partners, we are conducting a series of research projects to solve future recycling needs and ensure the intelligent management of resources. Since 2007, we fund a professorship in industrial recycling at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. We have brought together an interdisciplinary center of excellence and research into waste technology from researchers all over Sweden. Here you can read more about innovative projects within the Stena Metall Group, where we together with our partners have created value for our customers and for society at large.

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