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The lids of several Stena Confidential containers
What we do

Stena Confidential

The safest choice

Specializing in the management of confidential material, the safeguarding of the most sensitive information, regardless of format, is ensured, preventing any unauthorized access. Complete wiping is guaranteed to secure the information thoroughly.

A solution that fits all

Regarding safeguarding secrets, size holds no relevance, whether significant or minute, all secrets are treated with the same unwavering commitment to high-level security. The volume of material is inconsequential. Each item is handled with utmost security and discretion. 

Operational approach

Recycling, refining, and reusing are employed to maximize the potential of each used material, reducing strain on finite natural resources.

Safe collection

Secure container exchange is available on a planned schedule or upon request, offering flexible options for convenience.

Traceable destruction

Complete information destruction is guaranteed on-site or at the nearest facility, accompanied by a certificate for traceability.


Responsible disposal of sensitive information and the promotion of physical material reuse optimize the utilization of finite resources.

A Stena Confidential employee who's holding shredded electronics material
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