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Aluminium is just one of the many metals Stena Metall Group turns into new recycled raw materials
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Stena Recycling

Taking industrial recycling to the next level

Stena Nordic Recycling Center is the Stena Metall Group's industrial recycling hub in Halmstad, Sweden, and one of Europe's largest and most modern recycling facilities. Complex materials from customers in several countries are recycled here in modern and efficient ways. Processes and technologies are constantly being developed and refined.

Resources that were previously lost can now be used to manufacture new products or provide energy sources for the industry. Thanks to the large quantity of raw material returned into circulation, and the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions saved by recycling, Stena Nordic Recycling Center makes a vital contribution to the circular economy and a more sustainable society.

Two female Stena Metall Group employees in hi-vis protective gear at  work in a Stena Recycling facility.
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