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Two Stena Metall Group employees dressed in hardhats and reflective work clothes entering a warehouse containing piles of recycled material.
About us

About Stena Metall Group

Quick facts about us


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tons of waste recycled each year

MSEK 43,509

net sales in the last fiscal year

Ownership structure

the Olsson family: Stena AB, Stena Metall AB, Stena Sessan AB


the year Stena Metall was founded

Working together for a sustainable society

Based on smart, customized solutions, a strong focus on innovation, collaborations, and partnerships, we create value that benefits everyone – customers, their customers, the environment, and society at large. Through research and development, we aim to meet future challenges with new, sustainable solutions.

Bird’s eye view of a white Stena Recycling lorry collecting waste in a courtyard between tall residential buildings.

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What we do

Our businesses include recycling and reuse services, as well as supply of raw materials, steel products and aluminium alloys to customers all over the world.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. A constant goal that guides and inspires us. To us, sustainability is both about taking care of the Earth's valuable resources and each other – at work and in society.

Health and safety

Health, working environment and safety are fundamental parts in our business acumen. Together we work for a strong safety culture and a healthy working environment. At Stena Metall, everyone should feel safe.

Our culture

At Stena Metall, we pride ourselves in finding and appreciating hidden value – both in the materials we handle and in the people who drive our business forward.

Our values

To really be there for a customer or a colleague, in all simplicity. To be reliable and dependable. To be ready for today's challenges as well as tomorrow's. Our values may sound simple. But simple is not the same as easy.


Do you share our passion to explore new opportunities and create profitable, sustainable business? Welcome to explore our job openings!

Our code of conduct

Our way of doing business, treating everyone with respect, while safeguarding human rights and the environment has contributed to our leading position.


How to report violations of our Code of Conduct.

Research and development

Our research and development bridge the technological gap between current recycling concepts and the future demands for recycled raw materials of all kinds.

Group management and the board Stena Metall AB

The Stena Metall Group management and members of the board of directors.

The Stena Sphere

The Stena Sphere is one of the largest family-owned business spheres in Sweden and operates worldwide.

Our history

From dealing scrap Gothenburg, Sweden to recycling, manufacturing and large-scale trading on the world market. This is our history.
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