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We care

People from different parts of the Stena Sphere are interviewed on how they view care in their work and everyday life. 

“If everybody works in harmony, things get so much easier. If we want the machinery to be perfect, it is essential that we care for each other.”

Dan Sten Olsson

Care is the foundation of our culture

We believe it is important to show care for each other, for our customers, for resources, and society. By showing care, we act in a more sustainable way. We understand each other better, which in turn, improves communication and cooperation.

Working for Stena Metall, you should feel convinced that you can contribute to creating a more sustainable future. We want people to feel engaged at work and enjoy creating results together. If you thrive in an environment where you have the possibility to live your passion and make a difference, come join us. 


Christoffer Muhl Pollari employee of Stena Stål, stands beside steel beams, made of reused steel.

You create the opportunities

“Thanks to my knowledge and interest in quality, I was entrusted with building the reuse business from scratch. Delegated business acumen is a central part of Stena's corporate culture. Here you create the opportunities yourself, you don't get them served. It’s very stimulating."

Christoffer Muhl Pollari, business developer at Stena Stål

Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO Stena Metall Group

“The world will continue to change and so must we. We need to be curious, have courage and take care.”

Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO Stena Metall Group

A Stena Metal Group employee at work in a Stena facility wearing hi-vis protective gear.

Explore our world

An aerial shot of Gothenburg, Sweden – home of Stena Metall Group.

The history of stena metall

Discover our history and help us write the next chapter.
The sun sets over the Swedish countryside.


Striving for sustainability brings us together and drives us forward.
An aerial shot of the Swedish west coast as the sun sets.

The Stena Sphere

Explore our world and what makes us unique.
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