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A Stena Metall Group employee in hi-vis, protective gear walks past a Stena facility.
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Stena Metall's Code of Conduct

Two Stena Metall Group employees have a discussion over a laptop with plants in the background.
Dan Sten Olsson – CEO Stena AB and Executive Chairman, Stena Metall Group and son of Stena Recycling founder Sten A. Olsson.

“Every day, our customers, employees, suppliers, financiers, and other stakeholders, as well as society as a whole, expects us to fulfill our promises and the expectations we have directly or indirectly given them. The world invests in us because we are investing in it. In the end, we live in a partnership whose productivity is determined by the trust we earn.”

Dan Sten Olsson, the son of the founder of the Stena Sphere, who for many years was the Executive Chairman of the Stena Metall AB board of directors and nowadays is a member of the board.

A Stena Metall Group employee and a business partner have a discussion in a modern office environment.

Code of Conduct for business partners

In addition to the Code of Conduct, Stena Metall Group also has a Code of Conduct for Business Partners. 

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners contains similar requirements and guidelines as the internal Code of Conduct, but applies to the business partners we work with in our value chains.

The suppliers, subcontractors, agents, joint ventures, customers, and other actors that the Stena Metall Group partners with are important stakeholders, and integral to the Group's continued success. We therefore expect the same high standards from our business partners as we do in our own operations, which is expressed in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

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