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Scrap metal at a Stena recycling facility in Norway.
What we do

Stena New Ventures

A female Stena Metall Group employee climbs a spiral staircase in a modern office environment.

Fostering innovation - from start-up to scale-up

Examples of companies that started in Stena New Ventures, and have developed into their own operations, are HaloSep and BatteryLoop.

BatteryLoop was during 2024 acquired by Repono, a company founded by EIT InnoEnergy. Stena Metall is one of the investors in Repono together with Schneider Electric, SIPLEC E.Leclerc, Boryszew Group and NTM GmbH.

Investing in promising new businesses

Stena New Ventures is always on the lookout for promising start-ups that have the potential to make a significant impact on the industry. Believing that by investing in these companies, Stena New Ventures can not only help them grow but also be a part of their journey forward. Here are examples of start-ups Stena New Ventures has invested in:



Building paper back into a more resistant version of wood to replace plastic and other materials.


Tillverkar optiska instrument för direkt analys av grumliga vätskor in-line, at-line och off-line.
Ocean and rocks


Develops innovative water treatment technologies to reduce global pollution and combat climate change.
Three red motorway flyovers passing over a railway line.
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