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High-quality recycled aluminium ready for use in premium alloys for the automotive and engineering industries.
What we do

Stena Aluminium

A Stena Metall Group employee wearing protective gear walks past a recycling container in a Stena facility.

A sustainable business partner

Stena Aluminium's customers are primarily foundries in northern Europe. Together with its customers, Stena Aluminium creates solutions that simplify and streamline their operations to strengthen their competitiveness. To be a sustainable business partner, Stena Aluminium has invested extensively in its operations to achieve an efficient, environmentally sound production process as well as the handling of raw materials and waste.
Two Stena Metal Group employees standing beside a large pile of aluminium that is ready for recycling.

95 percent energy saving

Recycling aluminium saves 95 percent of the energy needed for primary aluminium production. Aluminium is a super recyclable material. 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced is still used. It makes it suitable for circular products for the industry that wants to reduce its environmental footprints.

Follow the journey from waste to new products

As a premium supplier of recycled raw materials, Stena Aluminium contributes to new products through recycling in a continuous loop. Stena Aluminium delivers aluminium alloys according to their customers' specific needs, and assists with expertise from over 100 employees.

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