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Our offer at Stena Metall

How far do you want to go?

This is a question only you can answer. We can offer you a range of possibilities to develop your expertise and competence. Whether you aspire to become a specialist or a leader, you can develop in any direction you want. The main thing is that you never stop developing. At Stena Metall we expect you to be proactive in taking on new responsibilities, rather than waiting for them to be offered to you.

Stina Kööpikkä, Trading Support at Stena Oil

“I like the fact that we work according to our values. I also appreciate the cooperation with colleagues and all our companies. It's real teamwork. The variety of roles within the group has given me the opportunity to change company and advance in my different roles.”

Stina Kööpikkä, Trading Support at Stena Oil

A female Stena Metall Group employee smiles in an office environment.

Develop your leadership skills

At Stena Metall, we focus on developing our leaders. We want leaders who are not afraid of taking decisions, but they must also know how to listen and how to take decisions by consensus. Strong and supportive leaders are essential if our people and the company are to develop in the right direction.

A close-up of four Stena Metall Group workers in protective clothing standing together in Stena Nordic Recycling Center

Always strive to learn more

We offer a wide variety of job positions within Stena Metall. This gives you a chance to discover abilities you maybe did not know you had. We believe that to remain innovative and develop tomorrow's solutions, we have to push the boundaries – and ourselves – and never be afraid to try the unknown.

A male Stena Metall Group employee wearing hi-vis protective gear smiles and looks into the camera.

We care for you

We want you to be creative and feel inspired at work. That is why we strive to create the best work situation for you. Care is a very important aspect of our business. If we care for our colleagues, we can more easily communicate and help each other. In that way we add value both for our people and for our business.

Diversity and inclusion are also essential for creating the best workplace. We strive to reflect the society in which we operate. We want our people to contribute with different perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds. Therefore, the most important thing we look at when hiring is you. Who are you, and what do you dream of?

Dan Sten Olsson – Honorary Chairman, Stena Metall Group

“Caring for each other and the environment means working in harmony. You solve problems together, and that's what sparks development.”

Dan Sten Olsson

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