Lithium-ion batteries


Recycling Li-ion batteries is carried out at a small number of locations in central Europe. We are aiming to find local, alternative solutions in order to reduce transportation and recycle more of the contents - metals such as lithium and aluminium - as these are rarely recycled.

charged-up for future recycling of batteries

Li-ion batteries are used to power an ever-increasing number of products. It is the need for powerful batteries to use  in electric vehicles, tools and electronics that drives this development.

As the number of hybrid vehicles increases, so does the need to recycle lithium-ion batteries in an efficient and safe manner. Within a few years, for example, Volvo cars containing lithium-ion batteries, will approaching the end of their useful life.

For several years, we have participated in major projects into lithium-ion battery recycling both in Sweden and the rest of Europe. In an ongoing project with Luleå University, KTH and Chalmers Institute of Technology, we are evaluating technologies, used by Boliden and Stena Aluminium, to determine whether they can be used in lithium-ion battery recycling.

Another project focuses on the entire chain - from the removal of the batteries from vehicles through to their recycling. The goal is to create a comprehensive solution for the safe handling of the batteries and recycling the content by sustainable methods.


Lithium is increasing used in the manufacture of batteries and other products around the world, while lithium recycling is now almost non-existent. In order to change this, we are participating in several major Swedish and European research projects. Here are some of them:

  • Recycling metals from used Li-ion batteries. 2014-10-01 – 2016-10-31, Batterifonden.
  • Li-ion batteries for vehicles.2013-11-01 – 2014-09-30, Batterifonden.
  • LISSEN. 2012-09-01 – 2015-08-31, FP7
  • APPLES. 2011-06-01 – 2014-05-31, FP7


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Recycling of used Li-ion batteries

The research project Recycling of metals from spent Li-ion batteries combines expertise from universities, recycling companies within the Stena Metall Group, metal. producers, automotive and battery industries. The purpose is to generate fundamental knowledge for resource efficient thermal recycling methods for lithium ion batteries.



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