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Care for the environment

Material ready to be recycled at a Stena Metall Group facility.
An aerial shot of Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden.

A leading recycling facility

Stena Nordic Recycling Center (SNRC) in Halmstad, Sweden, is one of Europe’s largest and most modern recycling facilities. Complex materials from customers in several countries are recycled here in modern and efficient ways. Resources that were previously lost can thereby be used in new products, or as an energy source in energy-intensive industry.

Waste management for better resource efficiency

The waste hierarchy is based on an EU directive dealing with how waste should be handled to have as little negative impact as possible. The higher up in the hierarchy waste can be dealt with, the better this will be for the environment.

An image showing the different steps of the waste hierarchy: disposal, energy recovery, bioprocessing, material recycling. reuse and waste minimization.

At the top is waste prevention – avoiding something becoming waste in the first place. At the bottom is landfill – the least desirable way to deal with waste from an environmental point of view. At Stena Metall Group, we work constantly to move the handling of waste higher up the hierarchy. This retains as much of the material value as possible within the circular economy, which is good both from a resource perspective, but also to reduce climate impact. For example, it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than it does to mine and refine aluminium from bauxite.

Anna Sundell, Head of Sustainability & Communications, Stena Metall Group

“We work to improve energy efficiency in all operations and to continuously reduce the Group’s climate footprint. We also help our customers reduce their climate impact, by providing circular solutions.”

Anna Sundell, Head of Sustainability & Communications, Stena Metall Group


Care for the environment

Our efforts in the area care for the environment contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals identify 17 key areas where businesses need to work for change if we want to achieve a flourishing society in the long run. Few businesses have operations with a bearing on all the targets. At Stena Metall we consider 11 of them to more strongly related to our scope of operations.

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