Climate conference sprinkled with stardust



How can increased recycling save both natural resources and energy? What can you do to make a difference to the climate? These were just two of the questions raised by Stena Recycling's Taina Flink and Mats Torring at The Climate Conference 2018 in Gothenburg.

The conference was organized by The Perfect World Foundation in collaboration with Sir David Attenborough being named ‘The Conservationist of the Year 2018’.

Amongst several speakers at the conference was none other than Dr. R.K Pachauri, former chairman of the UN Climate Panel and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

“The conference is aimed at private individuals and therefore it is important that we are involved so we can explain the role that efficient and structured recycling can actually have for the climate. It is something that private individuals can relatively easily adhere to, both with recycling at home, but especially relevant in demanding products made with recycled materials. Consumers today have a big impact. Then it's great to be the one who helps solve the problems and not just to talk about them“ says Taina Flink, a specialist in Design for Recycling at Stena Recycling.

“We also had an opportunity to discuss the important issue of cooperation between private individuals, regions and industry in order to achieve effective recycling systems so that materials can be used again - instead of ending up where they can do damage” says Mats Torring, business developer at Stena Recycling.

Since 2017, Stena Recycling has been supporting The Perfect World Foundation's work on various environmental issues.

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In the picture from left to right: Dr. R.K Pachauri, Sir David Attenborough, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Mats Torring, Stena Recycling.

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