This is how Stena Metall handles the Covid-19 situation



Stena Metall continuously monitors developments around Covid-19, both internationally and nationally, and follows recommendations and guidelines from relevant authorities.

Our customers and employees are our highest priority and we have a dedicated crisis group that continuously monitors developments and works closely with the Stena Metall Group's management team. The overall goal for us is to take care of our employees, ensure that the business rolls on and that we maintain a high level of service to our customers.

  • Employees who have the possibility should work from home
  • We avoid, if possible, public transport travel to and from work during rush hour.
  • We are currently avoiding business trips both foreign and domestic that are not business critical.
  • We encourage to prioritize digital meetings.
  • We emphasize the importance of keeping your distance and avoid too many people in confined spaces.
  • We encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Anyone who feels symptoms of illness should stay at home.
  • Only business-critical visits to our offices and facilities may take place.
  • We are very restrictive with study visits and similar at our larger facilities.

For more information please contact Jesper Waltersson, Head of Corporate Communications,

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