Ecovadis awards Stena Metal International with Platinum



Stena Metal International has been awarded with the Ecovadis Platinum Medal. The medal represents the highest level of recognition, placing Stena Metal International in the top 1% of the 90,000 companies evaluated by Ecovadis worldwide.

For the second year in a row, Stena Metal International (SMI) have undergone the Ecovadis Sustainability assessment. This year, the result improved and SMI reached the highest level of recognition.

"We are extremely proud of the SMI Ecovadis award. A lot of work has gone into this result, both at group and company level. SMI's platinum medal proves that sustainability permeates our entire business. It shows that sustainability is high on the agenda and something we are really working on, at all levels, throughout the value chain”, says Thomas Andersson, Managing Director, Stena Metal International

What is Ecovadis?

Ecovadis is an independent international analysis company that annually analyses and evaluates the sustainability performance of companies. The evaluation system weighs four different areas, environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchases. The Ecovadis methodology is based on internationally adopted sustainability reporting principles.

How does it work?

Every company participating in the assessment gets a tailored questionnaire specific for their organization. The questionnaire is divided into four sustainability areas, environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. These areas are in turn subdivided into Policies, Activities and Results, all to enable the company to be evaluated through all stages of its sustainability work. By uploading accounting documentation linked to the questions in the assessment, the company demonstrates how it is working on sustainability issues.

“The result shows that we are doing many things right. In the questionnaire there is no room for free text or vague answers. The questions are answered by reference to policies, sustainability reports, procedures, etc. This means that our score is completely based on facts and measured objectively," says Cecilia Ljung, HSSEQ & Sustainability Manager, Stena Metal International.

Stena Metal Internationals results 2022

Overview of results. The black lines show the average for companies in the same industry.


About Stena Metal International

Stena Metal International is a part of the Stena Metall Group and is the sales company responsible for the ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless scrap volumes collected and processed by the Group. We also trade all these materials.

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