Grand opening of Stena Nordic Recycling Center



October 26 will be the grand opening of Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad. A recycling facility the size of 80 soccer pitches with modern and efficient processes, making it possible to recycle more material, primarily metals, in a sustainable way from industry, households and society in general.

The new facility, which will be one of the most modern in Europe, has been developed in close collaboration with customers and partners, including those from the automotive industry. Using unique new processes, more usable raw materials can be recycled from cars, for example, which means that it is now possible to achieve EU requirements of recycling 95 percent of every car.

“The investment in the Stena Nordic Recycling Center represents brand new opportunities for us and our customers. We are combining proven technology with new innovations, which, for example, means a higher degree of recycling of vehicles at the end of their useful life; something that benefits producers, owners and us as recyclers,” says Kristofer Sundsgård, Managing Director of Stena Recycling AB.

Stena Recycling recycles hundreds of thousands of cars and other complex products every year. The great thing about the new technology installed at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center is that it is now possible to extract more raw materials that can be delivered to smelting plants, foundries and other industries in Sweden and the rest of the world. The materials are given a new lease of life in new products.

Large quantities of electronics will also be recycled at the new facility. Electronics contain valuable metals, and the precious metal recycling facility will be the biggest in Europe.

“The automated process is ultramodern with the optimum combination of new innovations and proven technology. TV sets, computers and other electronics are ground down and the material is broken up at high speed. The capacity is 110,000 tons per year,” says Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director of Stena Technoworld, which is responsible for the recycling of electronics.

Halmstad is already an important hub for several of Stena’s operations and the Stena Nordic Recycling Center will further strengthen their presence in the area.

“Halmstad is well situated in many ways. We use the railway and the port to relieve pressure on road transport and the location allows us to also process material from the rest of the Nordic region. We are also accumulating unique expertise regarding recycling of the future and for our future development,” says Kristofer Sundsgård, President of Stena Recycling AB.

The Stena Nordic Recycling Center will be opened on 26 October by Dan Sten Olsson, principal owner of Stena, and Lena Sommestad, governor of Halland county.


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