First Report on Green Bond



In May, the Stena Metall Group issued its first Green Bond, amounting to SEK 800 million, with the money being earmarked for sustainable investment in the Stena Nordic Recycling Center. The first report has now been published, which specifically shows where the money has been spent.

– There are many investors seeking green, sustainable investments who were therefore attracted to this bond issue. It is pleasing that we met this need and expanded our investment base, said Peter Gustafsson, Managing Director of Stena Metall Finans.

The bond were issued in order to finance recycling processes at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center. The facility, opened just over two years ago in Halmstad, uses advanced technology and processes to recycle cars, computers and other electronic products. New technology is being continuously installed, in line with the rapid pace of industrial development, to meet customer demand for recycling as much material as possible and to reduce the amount of end-of-life products sent for landfill.

Materials recycled at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center are used to manufacture new products around the world and, thereby, strengthen industry's role in the circular economy.

Read the first yearly report on Stena Metall's green bond here.

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