Stena Metall strengthening work with diversity through partnership with Mitt Liv


Stena Metall is strengthening its work with diversity and inclusion through the initiation of a partnership with Mitt Liv. This after the parties’ successful collaboration in the Stena Metall Diversity and Competence Program earlier this year.

Acting on behalf of Stena Metall, Mitt Liv has recruited international talents with expertise in ecology, economy and IT this past winter. Michael McGrath, Director of Corporate Affairs and Chief HR Officer, is convinced that diversity is necessary for companies to achieve their full potential, both today and in the future.

“The more ideas in a company, the greater the opportunities. We live in a world where innovation and new approaches are decisive for success, both for businesses and in other aspects of societal development,” he says.

“Diversity provides opportunities for bringing together people with various backgrounds, experiences, genders and cultures. This creates better dynamics, both when it comes to development of individual companies and their powers of innovation.”

Sofia Appelgren, founder of Mitt Liv, and Stena Metall’s Michael McGrath agree that the partnership is already strengthening both companies.

“Having the opportunity to work with Stena Metall has been fantastic,” says Sofia Appelgren. “They want to take their work with diversity to the next level and have set out on a genuine journey to meet future expertise needs. Through out shared engagement, we’ll be moving forward together. We have an exciting journey ahead of us.”

“Mitt Liv has established a channel for finding competence and experience that we’ll be using in our recruiting,” says Michael McGrath. “Additionally, Mitt Liv has a lot to say in how we create value by further developing our organization through diversity at the workplace.”

The Stena Metall Diversity and Competence Program has now been underway for five months. You can read some of the participants’ blog posts by following the links below.

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