Stena and the Non-Violence Project Foundation continue and deepen their collaboration



In connection with UN Day on October 24, Stena and the Non-Violence Project Foundation announce an expanded collaboration on the international peace and non-violence symbol "The Knotted Gun". Today, a unique series of sculptures was unveiled at Stena's head office in Gothenburg. The sculptures are created from Stenanium®, a metal developed by Stena Recycling, produced from, among other things, recycled weapons.

A first installation in the collaboration was carried out in September 2019 when a sculpture was donated by Stena Line to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Now five more large sculptures and several smaller ones have been created.

“It feels very good to be able to continue and deepen the collaboration with the Non-Violence Project Foundation. Stena is a major player with local roots in many places and for us it is important to contribute in various ways to a positive societal development based on our natural responsibility areas. Being able to contribute to an increased focus on peace and non-violence issues through this collaboration feels both important and highly topical,” says Dan Sten Olsson, CEO of Stena.

“The sculpture is a strong symbol of peace and non-violence all over the world and we are very happy to be able to continue to spread our message together with Stena who is a strong and serious partner. This collaboration is another important step for the Non-Violence Project Foundation,” says Jan Hellman, co-founder and chairman of the Non-Violence Project Foundation.

The first sculpture in the series "Recycled for Peace" was unveiled today at Stena AB’s headquarter in Gothenburg. Another sculpture will be placed at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad and the following three are planned to be placed in connection with Stena Fastigheter's areas in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, where collaborations with schools around the Non-Violence Foundation's education program "Schools for Peace" are also planned.

“We want to contribute in various ways to safe and pleasant neighborhoods where we are located. Through the education program, children and young people get tools to resolve conflicts without violence, they also build a stronger self-esteem and the group also develops in a positive way. We are now visiting schools in our areas to find collaborations for the coming years, says Cecilia Fasth,” CEO of Stena Fastigheter.

The sculptures are created from the metal Stenanium®, developed by Stena Recycling, which will ensure sustainable material re-use and at the same time create a deeper and more long-term collaboration between Stena and the Non-Violence Project Foundation. Stenanium® is produced from recycled weapons and other violence-related metals.

Participating in the unveiling ceremony were Jan Eliasson, former chairman of the UN General Assembly and deputy secretary general, Jan Hellman, founder and chairman of the Non-Violence Project Foundation, Dan Sten Olsson, Stena, Cecilia Fasth, CEO of Stena Fastigheter and Michael McGrath COO Stena Recycling.

Here you can view the unveiling ceremony.

For more information contact Jesper Waltersson, Head of Corporate Communications Stena Metall, +46 (0)705 11 26 70

About the Knotted Gun

The sculpture "The Knotted Gun" was created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd after his friend John Lennon was shot to death outside his home in New York, December 8, 1980. The sculpture is also available in Belfast and Gothenburg in Stockholm, Berlin, Cape Town, Beijing. and outside the UN building in New York.

About the Non-Violence Project Foundation

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland that uses the power of education to reduce violence. Since its launch in 1993, approximately 9 million young people, students, and sports coaches in 30 countries on five continents have been educated. The philosophy is that no one is born violent and that violence is learned behavior. Educational programs cover topics such as conflict management, bullying, harassment, racism and multicultural differences. In 2014, President Barack Obama stated that the organization's educational program was among the best in the world.

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