Stena Metall Group has issued its inaugural green bond


Green bond

Interest from investors was considerable when the Stena Metall Group issued its first green bond on May 23. The amount was SEK 800 million with a term of five years. The net proceeds is earmarked for sustainable investments in the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, one of Europe's most advanced and efficient recycling plants, where cars can be recycled up to 95%.

This is the first time the Stena Metall Group has issued a green corporate bond. The purpose is to finance and refinance new recycling processes at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center. The facility located in Halmstad, was inaugurated two years ago. It features advanced technology and processes for recycling cars, computers and other electronics. New technology is installed on an ongoing basis to keep up with the industry's rapid development and to meet customers’ demands for recycling as much material as possible, as well as to reduce the portion of discarded products that go to landfills. 


“The Stena Nordic Recycling Center is a unique facility where we gather technology and knowledge to strengthen our own and customers’ roles in the circular economy. Together we continuously contribute by returning more raw materials of high quality into circulation, which are used in the manufacture of new products all over the world,” says Kristofer Sundsgård, Managing Director for Stena Recycling AB. “We presently deliver about 130,000 tons of recycled metals each year from the facility. The next big step is coming soon when we begin recycling pure plastic raw materials that can fully replace new plastic made from oil.”


The green bond framework in accordance with the Green Bond Principles was structured in collaboration with Handelsbanken. The terms have been examined by the independent analysis institute Cicero, which assigned the highest rating – Dark Green. Dark Green is assigned to projects and solutions that live up to the long-term vision for a future with low carbon dioxide emissions and major consideration to the climate.


“There are many investors with a green and sustainable image which are consequently attracted to this type of sustainable investment,” says Peter Gustafsson, Managing Director for Stena Metall Finance, responsible for the Stena Metall Group's financing. “It feels good that with this bond, we are filling a need and broadening our investor base.”


More than 35 investors were involved in the transaction, including those listed below:

Agenta Investment AB
Alfred Berg Kapitalförvaltning AS
Case AM
Cicero Fonder
Erik Penser AB
Svenska hus
Handelsbanken Private Banking
Humle Kapitalförvaltning
IKC Fonder
Kalmar Läns Pensionskassa
Lannebo Fonder
Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland
Naventi Fonder
Quesada Kapitalförvaltning
Simplicity AB
Spiltan Fonder
Swedbank Robur
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Co
Evli Fund Management Company Ltd

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For further information, please contact:

Peter Gustafsson, Managing Director, Stena Metall Finans 
010 445 20 12

Måns Palmgren, Head of Corporate Governance
010 445 22 33

Fredrik Pettersson, Managing Director, Stena Recycling AB 
010 445 80 10

Green Bonds

Stena Metall Group has issued two Green Bonds with associated Green Bond Frameworks. Both are ranked “Dark Green” by the independent analysis institute, Cicero.

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