Stena Metall Group’s green bond recognized as best practice



In its 2022 report regarding the global green bond market, the analysis institute Cicero has listed Stena Metall Group’s latest green bond among its best practice examples. Stena Metall Group is acknowledged for its solutions related to efficient resource management and circularity.

The demand for green investment opportunities is on a steady increase. But with a growing selection, investors may find it difficult to judge to what extent a specific bond and its framework contribute to a more sustainable future.

The analysis institute Cicero provides independent research-based opinions of green investments and has provided the second opinion for both green bonds issued by Stena Metall Group so far.

The first of Stena Metall Group’s green bonds was issued in 2018 to the amount of 800 MSEK, and the second one, issued in 2022, amounted to 1 billion SEK. Both bonds received a rating of Dark Green, which is the highest possible rating. The shades of green reflect the extent to which investments and operations contribute to a low carbon and climate resilient future.

Cicero also issues an annual best practice report as guidance for investors. Stena Metall Group’s latest green bond is included as best practice in the waste and circular service category for the 2022 report. The report acknowledges the need to implement circular solutions in waste management in order to decrease climate impact.


Anna Sundell is Group Sustainability Manager at Stena Metall Group

“Our green bonds, with a total investment volume of 1.8 billion SEK, are dedicated to financing projects within Stena Metall Group that support the development of circular processes. The extraction and processing of virgin resources cause about 50 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. To succeed in reaching climate neutrality, making the transition from linear production models to a circular economy is a very important piece of the puzzle. It is our ambition at Stena Metall Group to be a driving force and a leader in this transition, together with our customers,” says Anna Sundell, Group Sustainability Manager at Stena Metall Group.

For more information about Stena Metall Group’s green bonds, visit: Green Bonds | Stena Metall


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