February sees the launch of the Stena Metall Diversity & Competence Program, which seeks university-educated technicians and economists, from a non-Swedish background, who have experienced difficulty entering the labor market. – Increasing diversity in the workforce has great value for our competitiveness, said Michael McGrath, Director of Corporate Affairs and Chief HR Officer at Stena Metall.

Stena Metall began the recruitment process last autumn, with the selected participants starting work in February at the Group's headquarters in Gothenburg.

– It is both positive and valuable that we are welcoming them into the Stena Metall Group. Many people arriving in Sweden have difficulty entering the labor market and their skills often get overlooked by standard recruitment processes. We need a diversity of ideas, backgrounds and experiences in order to be competitive and maintain good business relationships with our customers. That is why this venture is so important, says Michael McGrath.

The recruitment process sought people with backgrounds and skills that are valuable to the Stena Metal Group. They have been paired with mentors in management positions and will work in various departments over a six-month period. Visits to different parts of the Group have been planned and some time will be devoted to learning Swedish.

Sadaf Saremi is one of the participants. She is looking forward to working in a Swedish company and getting a chance to contribute to the knowledge and development of the Group.

– I'm very happy to have this opportunity. I have a master’s degree in environmental science and am very interested in sustainability issues. In addition, I've have worked with purchasing before, so it feels like the perfect match for me to work with that, here at Stena Metall. I'm really looking forward to getting involved in the business and learning more about the Swedish workplace.

The Stena Metall Diversity & Competence Program is being implemented in collaboration with Mitt Liv - a social enterprise company promoting a more inclusive society that values diversity in the labor market.

– We got a great response to our advertisements and received 180 applications in a very short time. It shows that there is a need for this - and that we’re moving in the right direction by broadening our skill base, said Michael McGrath.


For more information, contact Jörgen Andersson, Press Officer, Stena Metall AB: Tel: +46 72-205 84 64

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