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Stena acquired IL Recycling AB in 2016 and, after a transition process, the company will become part of Stena Recycling AB on March 1. This strengthens the company's position as a provider of total recycling services in Sweden.

At Stena Recycling, waste is an important resource. By reusing materials and letting them live on as new products, the company is creating significant value.

Every year, Stena Recycling collects huge quantities of discarded and surplus material. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, wood, plastic and oil - everything is processed into new raw materials at Stena Recycling’s 90 facilities around Sweden and then sold to metal foundries and paper mills around the world. The recycled raw materials are used in the manufacture of new products. Discarded materials become new global commodities.

  • I am happy and proud that we can now offer our customers an even greater range of value-creating recycling opportunities, especially for paper products. IL Recycling has extensive experience in this area and will, therefore, make us a force to be reckoned with, says Kristofer Sundsgård, Managing Director of Stena Recycling AB

Through this acquisition, Stena Recycling is expanding its local presence in Sweden, with 15 new facilities, which complements the company's existing operations.

  • We are consolidating our position as theleading industrial recycler, which gives our customers and partners better opportunities to achieve sustainable recycling, says Kristofer Sundsgård.

For more information contact:

Kristofer Sundsgård, Managing Director of Stena Recycling AB. Tel 010-445 7161
Åsa Ahlgren Berndtson, Head of Public Relations at Stena Recycling AB. Tel 010-445 2036

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