Stena Recycling Finland acquires Encore Environmental Services


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Stena Recycling Finland has signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in Encore Environmental Services (Encore Ympäristöpalvelut Oy). The acquisition will enable the company to offer its customers a wider range of services.

The acquisition will approximately double Stena Recycling's business in the Finnish recycling sector. In the rest of the Nordic countries, Stena Recycling is already one of the largest players in the recycling sector and a pioneer in the circular economy.

“The businesses of Stena Recycling and Encore Environmental Services complement each other perfectly, and both companies have long experience in the industry. The transaction will enable us to jointly offer our customers an even broader range of circular expertise and services. Stena Recycling has solid experience in metal recycling and Encore in fiber recycling and pallets," says Olli Kellokumpu, MD of Stena Recycling Finland.

Stena Recycling currently offers a range of circular services and recycles metals, electrical and electronic equipment, hazardous waste and end-of-life vehicles in Finland.

Encore Environmental Services has a strong background in paper collection and recycling, having practically taught Finns how to recycle paper. Over the years, however, the business has expanded to include not only the collection of paper, but also a wide range of circular and recycling solutions for different waste fractions, data confidential services, pallets and fuels for energy producers.

“Encore Environmental Services is in excellent financial shape. Demand for circular services is growing and the expertise brought by the change of ownership will support the development of the business in a changing environment," says Petri Aaltonen, CEO of Encore Environmental Services.

The signing of the agreement does not entail any changes for customers or partners. The services will continue to be provided by familiar employees and partners as before.
The transaction is subject to the approval of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and can be confirmed in early September.

Encore Environmental Services' subsidiaries Hämeen Kuljetuspiste and its merged subsidiary Kuljetus J. Niemeläinen and Encore Regional Services are included in the transaction. Encore Ympäristöpalvelut has acquired the minority shareholdings of Encore Aluepalvelu.


Stena Recycling Finland

Stena Recycling is part of the Stena Metall Group, a Swedish family-owned company founded in 1939. Stena Metall has seven business areas and more than 200 locations in nine countries. Stena Recycling recycles six million tons of waste and end-of-life products every year and supplies the industry with high-quality raw materials. In Finland, Stena Recycling collects and recycles metals, electrical and electronic waste, hazardous waste, and scrap cars, among other things. It operates in 15 locations throughout Finland, has an annual turnover of around EUR 100 million and currently employs more than 150 Stena Recycling employees.


Encore Environmental Services

Encore Environmental Services was founded in 1943. The company long operated under the name Paperinkeräys, and as an environmental pioneer taught Finns to recycle paper in the 1940s. Today, Encore supports its customers in the rational use of natural resources in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. For example, the company's expertise helps its customers to increase the recycling rate of their materials, reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of waste management, including their carbon footprint. It operates in 37 locations in its own and partner units, with a turnover of around €80 million in 2021 and has around 220 employees.

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For more information:

Olli Kellokumpu
Managing Director
Stena Recycling Oy
tel. 050 354 1189

Petri Aaltonen
Managing Director
Encore Ympäristöpalvelut Oy
tel. 040 750 9797