LIFE Halosep

LIFE Halosep

Through patented technology, we and our project partners strive to decontaminate ash from waste incinerators to be able to send it to local landfill sites. The project is partly funded by LIFE.

Cleaning and reusing contaminated ash

Producing heat and electricity through waste incineration is a climate-smart solution for material that cannot be recycled. However, large quantities of so-called gas cleaning ash result from this process. In Sweden alone, around 150,000 tonnes of ash, per year, are transported a great distance for special storage in a disused limestone quarry in Norway.

In order to find a more environmentally sound and, hopefully, profitable way to take care of the ash, we are conducting the LIFE Halosep project. We are carrying out this EU funded project with Vestforbrænding, Denmark's largest waste company. Vestforbrænding have built a brand new facility in Copenhagen using our patented technology. In a unique process, the waste products flue gas ash and acidic scrubber liquid are neutralized. This process produces decontaminated ash, an aqueous salt solution (that is safe to release into the water supply) and a metal concentrate that can be used by smelting facilities.

Life Halosep Process

This makes it possible to deposit the decontaminated ash locally, as it meets EU requirements for salt content and levels of heavy metals, such as lead and zinc. We are also investigating an even more sustainable solution. If the ash can be used instead of cement in concrete production, it will not need to be sent to landfill sites at all. So far, our tests are showing very promising results.

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