LIFE Halosep Objectives

HALOSEP – Innovative method for recycling and reuse of waste streams from incineration plants in the EU

Main objectives of the project is to demonstrate that

  • Two waste streams from incineration plants, fly ash and scrubber liquid, can be co-treated leading to a reduction of waste going to landfills and increased material recycling
  • The Halosep process can be installed and integrated into an existing waste incineration plant 
  • Increased materials recycling; 
    • The FGW product -> recycled in concrete or used as a filler 
    • The heavy metal product -> recycled into zinc production 
    • The salt from Halosep can be recycled as road salt during the winter period

Policy implications

The LIFE HALOSEP project foresees - in case of successful implementation – a direct contribution to the updating and implementation of EU Environmental policy. The project would support

  1. The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (decision no. 2011/1067)
  2. Energy Efficiency (Directive 2012/27/EU) 

By reducing the use of primary resources, reducing transport of Flue Gas Waste to be landfilled and GHG emissions and furthermore providing

  • A decreased need of landfill sites
  • A feasible and environmentally friendly way to neutralize fly ash, with another waste fraction from an incineration plant
  • A step towards a circular economy



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