LIFE Halosep

LIFE Halosep

Through patented technology, we and our project partners strive to decontaminate ash from waste incinerators to be able to send it to local landfill sites. The project is partly funded by LIFE.

Cleaning and reusing contaminated ash

Through Stena’s patented technology, Stena and its project partner Vestforbrænding will decontaminate ash from waste incinerators in order to enable depositing at local landfill sites. In tough competition, the LIFE HALOSEP project was approved funding from EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects.  

Producing heat and electricity through waste incineration is a climate-sound solution for material that cannot be recycled. Throughout the waste treatment process there is a strong focus on the best use of the resources in the waste. The goal is that at least 50% of household waste is recycled as materials and that the remainder is used as energy resource in waste to energy plants. However, incineration of waste generates flue gas ash which contains chlorides and heavy metals and is classified as hazardous waste.

In most cases, flue gas ash in Denmark and Sweden fails to meet the EU limits and therefor has to be exported to specific landfill sites within Europe. In Sweden alone, around 150,000 tonnes of ash per year are transported a great distance for special storage in a disused limestone quarry in Norway.

In order to find a more environmentally sound and, hopefully, profitable way to take care of the ash, we are conducting the LIFE Halosep project in collaboration with Vestforbrænding, Denmark's largest waste company. The objective of this EU funded project is to build a brand new process at Vestforbrændings facility in Copenhagen using Stena’s patented Halosep-technology.


Project name:
HALOSEP – Innovative method for recycling and reuse of waste streams from incineration plants in the EU

Project location:

Budget info: 
Total amount: € 5 444 693 (€ 3 792 334 eligible)
EU financial contribution: 60% of eligible costs

01/07/2016 - 31/12/2021

Coordinating Beneficiary:
Stena Recycling International AB

Associated Beneficiaries:
Stena Metall AB
Stena Recycling A/S
I/S Vestforbrænding

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