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Care for people

Two Stena Metall Group employees in hi-vis protective gear check equipment in a Stena facility.

A safe place to work

Achieving a strong safety culture is the key to creating safe and healthy workplaces.

A fundamental belief within the Group is that all workplace accidents can be prevented. This goal guides all of our safety ambitions. We follow a Group common safety management system, to promote safe and positive working environments throughout all of our operations.

Strength in diversity

We promote diversity and inclusion because we want to ensure equal opportunity to everyone. We aim to mirror the society we operate in.

A workforce with diverse backgrounds creates a dynamic, creative organization that can offer high-quality products and services.

In this film, Kristofer Sundsgård, President & CEO of Stena Metall Group, explains the importance of diversity and inclusion. 

Dig deeper into our culture and values

Maria Lindqvist, Chief Human Resources Officer

“Together we create an inspiring and engaging working environment driven by care and inclusion. We have a value-based culture built on engagement and strong business acumen.”

Maria Lindqvist, Chief Human Resources Officer

Sustainable Development Goals - 5 Gender equality and 8 Decent work and economic growth

Care for people

Our efforts in the area ‘care for people’ contribute to the following sustainable development goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals identify 17 key areas where businesses need to work for change if we want to achieve a flourishing society in the long run. Few businesses have operations with a bearing on all the targets. At Stena Metall we consider 11 of them to more strongly related to our scope of operations.

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