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A team of industry experts discuss circular solutions at theStena Metall Group Circular Initiative event.

The Circular Initiative

The Stena Metall Group is taking a hands-on approach towards a circular economy through innovative collaborations with customers and dialogue with policymakers.

One example is the Circular Initiative, a collaborative arena led by Stena Recycling. The annual event gathers pioneering leaders from industry, tech, business, academia, and politics with the aim to initiate collaboration, highlight common goals, and support cross-company actions for more circular solutions and material flows in Swedish industry.

Creating sustainable value through innovations and investments

Creating a climate-neutral car together with Polestar

Stena Aluminium is part of the Polestar 0 project as a development partner. The Polestar 0 project aims to create a completely climate-neutral car by 2030, which means that all sources of carbon emissions throughout the supply chain must be eliminated.


HaloSep introduces a cutting-edge technology that purifies and refines hazardous waste from fly ash, which arises from waste incineration. Through the HaloSep process, hazardous waste is converted to non-hazardous recyclable fractions.


BatteryLoop develops energy storage solutions based on electric vehicle batteries. Reusing them for energy storage almost doubles the life of the batteries. The solution makes it possible to store electricity from for example, solar cells and then use it as needed.

Partnership with SSAB for fossil-free steel

Thanks to a cooperation between Stena Stål and the steel company SSAB, fossil-free steel will be available to more customers on the Swedish market by 2026.

Creating recyclable products with electrolux

A collaboration between Stena Recycling and Electrolux has resulted in a prototype of an almost completely recyclable vacuum cleaner.

Plastics in old electronics

Plastic from end-of-life electronics can now be processed at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden and transformed into new valuable raw material.
Katarina Cornelius, Sales & Business Development Director

“We continuously develop the products and services we provide to maximize the value we create. We are also leading the transition towards a circular economy, and engaging in collaborations with customers and other partners to increase circularity in society.”

Katarina Cornelius, Sales & Business Development Director

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