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Manager IT Domain & Collaboration

Supports sustainable business through digitalization

Lotten Ruff leads a newly formed group tasked with coordinating and supporting the digital transformation of all businesses in the Stena Metall Group. Stena Metall consists of eight companies within different industries, but all contribute to the strive to care for resources.  

“In Group IT we work closely with all the companies in Stena Metall to help digitalize their businesses. I like to say that we digitalize their visions. We help them set strategies and stay on top of what goes on around them. We find scale within our group and leverage good solutions and evolve them.”

Among other things, Stena Metall develops solutions within recycling and waste management, which are based on customer data and extensive knowledge of materials and recycling processes.

Contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow is the most stimulating aspect of my job

“An important part of my job is to be out in the field, to understand our operations and their needs, and help enable their business. It is the most stimulating aspect of my job, contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.”

Group IT employs close to 200 people and supports the entire Stena Metall Group with presence in nine countries. 

“Stena Metall is a big group of companies. When I joined Group IT, I did not expect this high sense of urgency. It is a fast-paced environment, and we face new challenges every day, making us constantly evolve and learn new things. There are so many competencies within all fields. Being a part of an environment like that, it is very rewarding. At Stena you will never get bored. We are always up to something, usually a lot of things.” 

Meet Lotten Ruff - Manager IT domain and collaboration at Stena Metall Group IT

"At Stena you will never get bored. We are always up to something, usually a lot of things.”

Lotten Ruff - Manager IT domain & collaboration at Stena Metall Group IT

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We make a difference. We work with IT and help build a sustainable future. Are you ready to join us?
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Join a growing IT-team

We are currently strengthening our IT function and need many competencies in several areas. We will be posting positions on an ongoing basis. Make sure you do not miss anything by subscribing to our vacancies or sending us an open application.

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Do you have what IT takes to drive sustainability forward?

We are dedicated to leading the transition towards a more sustainable future - we need passionate people with IT skills to accelerate that journey.  

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