AB Stena Metall Finans handles the Group’s financial activities and internal banking. The company has seven employees in Göteborg and Zug.

Areas of responsibility

The responsibilities of Stena Metall Finans include:

  • Responsibility for the Group’s cash management.
  • Contributing to short and long-term Group earnings by efficiently managing the Group’s liquid assets.
  • Monitoring financial markets.
  • Monitoring risk levels in the Group’s customer credits and managing the credit portfolio.
  • Ensuring the Group’s access to long-term financing, in order to maintain liquidity.
  • Following developments in the capital markets, in order to optimize the Group's financing through bonds and bank financing.

Liquidity and financing

The Group’s external financing is secured through the bond market and the banking system.

Investment activities

The financial portfolio consists of four individual parts:

The base portfolio - predominantly companies with relatively stable earning capacity and low sensitivity to business cycle changes.

Non-correlated assets - hedge funds with different strategies, none or very low correlation to the stock market.

Private Equity - holdings in various PE funds. These funds have different orientation and are exposed to different geographic markets.

Trading - primarily opportunistic trading, as well as certain holdings that cannot be categorized into any of the other three portfolios.


Managing Director Peter Gustafsson

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