The group's internal bank

Stena Metall Finans handles financial activities and internal banking within the Group. Operations are also managed by the subsidiary Stena Metall Limited in Zug, Switzerland.

The company's areas of responsibility include:

  • Active participation in analysis, quality assurance of guidance documents and financing of investment activities.
  • Establish routines for cash management, capital procurement and account structures, and actively work to reduce the Group’s tied-up working capital.
  • Contribute to the Group’s short- and long term earnings by efficiently managing and trading liquid assets.
  • Monitor financial markets.
  • Weigh risk levels in the Group’s customer credits and manage the credit portfolio.
  • Ensure the Group’s access to long-term financing.


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Peter Gustafsson
Managing Director AB Stena Metall Finans
Tel: +46 104452012
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