We are contributing our knowledge of efficient separation processes to a project researching how to recycle the lightweight materials used in the manufacture of modern cars.

The challenge of recycling lightweight automotive materials

Lightweight mixtures of material, such as carbon fiber composites, are now commonly used in the automotive industry. While these materials reduce total weight and lower fuel consumption, they require new recycling techniques. Current EU legislation says that 95 percent of every end-of-life car must be recycled.

Relight is an industrial collaboration project aimed at finding ways to recycle these new material mixes, which brings together Volvo Cars, Modul-System and Clean Motion, Swerea IVF and Stena Recycling. In a series of workshops for a pilot project, Swerea SICOMP and Stena Recycling are pooling expertize in the recycling of composite materials. Swerea IVF is coordinating this work and contributing its knowledge of assembly and disassembly, as well as life cycle analyzes.

The project offers an insight into "smart recycling" at the design stage for Volvo Cars, Modul-System and Clean Motion - including our knowledge of existing separation technologies and how different combinations of materials can be recycled.

At the same time, we get an indication of the types of composite materials that will be used in car manufacturing in the future. This valuable information that will guide how we develop our recycling technology and create profitable, sustainable business in collaboration with the automotive industry.

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