a Stena free from accidents


Health, working environment and safety are fundamental parts in our business acumen. Together we work for a strong safety culture and a healthy working environment. We share knowledge and learn from each other. At Stena, everyone should feel safe.

The Stena Metall Group's health, work environment and safety policy is an important building block in our work to create a safe workplace with safe employees. It reflects the management's commitment to the issue and meets the requirements of national law.


In Stena Metall:

  • We believe that all injuries and health hazards can be prevented
  • We promote a strong safety and security culture and a healthy working environment
  • We expect transparency so lessons can be learned and knowledge shared
  • We want to be a workplace where everyone is included and feels safe
  • Health, safety and security is a fundamental part of our business acumen

In order to achieve and support this: 

  • We comply with applicable legislation and interna! requirements
  • The line management is responsible and precedes with a good example
  • All employees and .contractors are individually aware and accountable for their working activities
  • We systematically analyse and prevent health, safety and security risks and make continuous improvements
  • We report and investigate. accidents, incidents and other non conformities and take actions so recurrence is prevented
  • We work goal-oriented to drive health, safety and security improvements
  • We have zero tolerance regarding harassment and violence
  • lnvolvement and cooperation across the organisation is fundamental
  • We systematically review the need of right knowledge, skills and resources at all levels
  • We make sure there is sufficient time to work safely
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